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How my cousin treated gonorrhea with onion

How my cousin got rid of gonorrhea after trying many medicines and herbs.

This is another simple and cheap method of getting rid of gonorrhea permanently within just two weeks. Yeah only two weeks. Some gonorrhea are very stubborn that they don't accept treatment. Sometimes it is because of intake of wrong medicine

My cousin is a victim who also treated his gonorrhea problem with many medicines from hospital and mixtures from herbalist but all was in vain. Infact he spent a lot of money and time just to get rid of gonorrhea but no

So a day came when one of his herbalist advices him to be chewing a medium size of onion every morning before breakfast

Actually this sounds weird to many of us but surprisingly my cousin was serious with it and by God's grace,he told to us that it has worked for him

Since it has worked for him I thought of sharing it. In case you know someone who is Also not getting cure for gonorrhea please kindly share to him or her. Let's all stay good and very healthy

The method is, chew a medium size of onion every morning before breakfast. Onion has the elasticity to kill bacterials, at the end making you get rid of gonorrhea permanently. Thanks so much

Please share, comment, like and follow me. Thanks so much. Keep shining

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