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7 women who have the muscles of men and the beauty of all beauties

Large muscles are one of the signs of dominant masculinity which is completely inconsistent with the characteristics of the female.

Males find it easier forming these muscles due their hormones. They already have the hormones which will make it easier to increase muscle mass.

Unlike males, it is difficult to form these muscles in women due to the fact that they require a high percentage of male hormones in their formation and men are usually not attracted to women with muscular muscles due to the fact that it makes them more like men.

Many girls tend to practice violent sports or bodybuilding due to the fact that it is based on building muscles and their bulk but there are 7 women who were not preoccupied by the opinion of men and insisted on achieving their dream for any return even if that return is the sacrifice of their femininity and despite that sacrifice, their beauty still dominates.

Their pictures can be found below

1. Cassandra Martin

2. Julia Vins

3. Jennifer Rish

4. Pauline Nordin

5. Heidi Vuorela

6. Rachel Cammon

7. Moorea Wolfe

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Cassandra Martin Jennifer Rish Julia Vins Pauline Nordin Rachel Cammon


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