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Joke Of The Day: Don't Just Laugh Alone

This little children were served with food and were asked to pray over the food before eating. While they were still praying, one of them reached out his hand and picked not just one of the chips but the very big one.

The amazing thing is that his eyes were closed, yet he was able to reach out his hand into the chips inside the bowl on the table and managed to pick the biggest and fattest chips among the rest without searching much. Unfortunately he was caught.

Mother : What did you just do while we were praying and everybody's eyes was closed? In fact what are you eating?

Kofi : Mom, I didn't do anything ooo. I am eating chips.

Mother : You didn't do anything? So how did you get the chips into your mouth.?

Kofi : Mom, when we were praying, my hand mistakenly fell on the chips and one quickly jumped off the bowl onto the ground and I catch it from falling to the ground.

Mother: Really? So how come it's the biggest one? Was that one too unintentional?

Kofi : No, mom, it was my prayer request that God answered.

Mother: Amazed! How?

Kofi : Before we will even start praying, I purposed in my heart to make sure I have the biggest chips among them. And so God blessed me with it. When you were praying, you prayed for things like our family members, our enemies, and others. But me, I prayed for chips.

Everyone: Laughing at Kofi's response, just like you are doing now. Hahaha 😂😂😂. Don't laugh alone please.

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