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Be a mother or father this year with these 4 secret herbs of my grandpa

This article is for my dear parents ,sisters ,brothers and those who have been at home for years without conceiving although am not the giver of children but God but I believe this local herbs will help alot although it is not by scientists aprove but I have seen and I can testify it.

I believed many of us have come across these herbs I am talking about and most can tell I'm not telling lies, some of these herbs can be use to cook cassava if you dont have plantain when pounding fufu, the flowers of the cockcomb is place in the head of new born baby when they have a beats head and some too are eating by snails which help them lay more egs etc. But aside that it's also play a great segnifficant role in human interms of birth but only few or I can say nobody knows about.

In life or in society it is good to have children especially for couples but many tried but to no avail the cause can be in the woman or the man.

So to any man and woman who have been confirmed to you that, you have problem or none but yet, you haven't get children, have time for my teaching and follow the instructions for me and hopefully you will you will be a parent and you will thank. Maybe some of know these herbs already and they can testify, this combination is what my grandpa use for those who came to seek for a child and many have named their children after him. I wanted not to teach this but I was born to help so lets go straight to the ingredients.


1.Dried Alchornea cardiforlea leaves.

2.(Akokodam) in twi

2. Cocoyam leafs (dry)

3.Dried cocoa leafs


Dry and wash everything and put all in a pot and then pour water into it. boil it for at least 30 minutes.

NB: But if you're a female and your husbabd sperms comes out after he ejaculates inside you please comment any word and lets me show you what to do aside this combination.


The day after the woman's period ends start by drinking with a small white glass every day and nigth in an empty stomach, but as for the man you can start rigth from there. Remember to have regular Intercourse at least 4 times a week after two weeks of drinking the medicine and also don't forget to miss a day of drinking the medicine.

By the grace of Almighty God you will have a good result before the month of another period. Don't forget to share to others to benefit and also comments what you want to know, you can also follow me and lets revail the unveils nature of herbs both physical and spiritual but remember to be your brothers keeper thank you.

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Akokodam Alchornea Cocoyam


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