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Health: 4 tips on how to prevent breast cancer

This article talks or give details of how one can prevent breast cancer. Below are some of expert tips on how to prevent breast cancer.

1. Visit your gynecologist regularly. During your annual gynecological exam, your doctor will check your breasts for lumps or abnormalities. If she detects something irregular, she might recommend that you have a mammogram. If you do not have health insurance or funds to visit a doctor, there are likely resources in your area to help you get preventative care. Planned Parenthood offers consultation services and can direct you to a mammography provider.

2. Get regular mammograms. Once you turns 40, a woman should get a mammogram every two years until she is 74. The earlier you detect breast cancer, the easier it will be to survive. You may have heard that a mammogram is painful, but the pain is momentary and no worse than getting a shot. Plus, it can save your life.

If you are at high risk, talk to your doctor about how often you should get a mammogram. If you have a high risk and are under 40 years of age, it is possible your doctor will recommend a mammogram already.

3. Be vigilant and prompt in seeking help. Paying attention and knowing your breasts well is the best thing you can do to detect symptoms of breast cancer. If you have any concerns about what you find in your BSEs, see a doctor immediately.

4. Make prevention a group effort. Keep your friends and family healthy by arranging a party every year that culminates in everyone getting a mammogram together. This way you can remove the fear from the experience and help each other remember. Consider saying: “I know a lot of women don't get the mammograms because they're scary and they can hurt a bit, but I'd love to find a way that we can make it fun. Plus, we'll get some great girl time!”

I hope it was helpful.

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