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Home remedies on how to get rid of dark knuckles

It is very disheartening when you realize you have dark knuckles and don’t know what to get rid of them. There are products such as zika organics and flawlessbynicky on Instagram. Most people concentrate on all other part of the body and forget the knuckles. Did you know that individuals with dark knuckles lack confidence? There is a solution right here. 

If you cannot afford those ones, do not fret. I have some few home remedies gathered for you to give it a try. Let’s check them out below;

1. There is baking soda:

Healthline says “mix baking soda with water into a paste and apply to your knuckles for 15 to 20 minutes”. 

2. The use of lime and sugar:

Lime contains vitamin C which is very beneficial to the skin. Here, mix a spoon of lemon and sugar, and apply robustly for about 10 minutes. The appropriate time to use this method is before bed. If the smell disturbs you, kindly cover it up with some wipes and then after 5 minutes remove the wipes, let some air pass on it and then you can sleep. 

3. The use of sun flower oil:

“Yes, this oil can also help because it contains fatty acids which can treat the pigmentation of the knuckles. The oil must be heated for some time before usage” says

Try it out and have the experience you desire. Thank you for reading.

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