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Have a look at what can be done to curb rising suicide rates

Thanks for clicking on this article. Have you clicked on the follow button yet? Kindly do so, to be alert anytime I post. Today, we will have a look at suicide and its alarming increase, all over the world. According to Current Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS), it states that “suicide is the second leading cause of death for both children and adolescents age 10 to 17 years”. Let’s not also forget that adults are also affected. It is seen that Lithuania is the country with the highest suicide rate worldwide, especially in the case of men. 

  “Suicide is a heart-breaking problem that is growing and needs to be addressed, in many ways as possible”, says Suicide is preventable. We only need to recognize the warning signs and how to solve it before it gets too late. The major risk factor for committing suicide is depression. “Suicidal ideation becomes more active, when the severity of the depression is higher and compounded, when the individual experiences a major stressful life event and other risk factors are also present” says Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  

  There are others that can be noticed such as mental illness, loneliness, widowhood and may others. How will you be aware if someone desperately wants to commit suicide? If you are vigilant and detect someone who is hopeless, doesn’t have interest in living anymore, seeking revenge and normally talks about wanting to die. 

  In some cases, these signs take time before it comes to light but there is nothing new under the sun. Surely, when these signs begin to show, one or two people will spot it. Can something be done to curb rising suicidal rates? Yes it can. Never ponder the fact that it is too late and give up.

  The Vital Sign report offers steps communities can take to address suicide, including identifying and supporting people at risk, offering coping and problem-solving skills, to help people manage challenges, offering community-building connection and activities. One can also connect people to coordinated mental and physical health care.  

   If awareness of suicide increases, it will surely lead to a greater impact on suicide prevention. Thanks for reading.

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CDS Centres for Disease Control and Prevention


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