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COVID-19: 65 new active cases recorded

Coronavirus has come to stay: these are some statements from other groups of people who believe that there will not be any measure to eradicate coronavirus from our territories.

It is very dangerous as we have observed few things that are likely to happen in Ghana in the next few days if Ghanaians did not take up the needed tasks or responsibilities in other to stay safe and free.

The good hints about this are that the number of active cases in Ghana has reduced drastically and the high rate of death cases on Covid-19 have also toll down.

One may ask, how could this then be a problem or a danger?.

We have observed that since the active cases on Covid 19 have reduced drastically Ghanaians does not observe the covid 19 protocols any longer. Ghanaians have relaxed and they thought all is over.

This is a great threat to Danger in the next few days if we are not careful.

If Ghanaians are not careful with the bad way they are now observing the Covid 19 protocols, then another increase in Covid 19 in Ghana is likely to occur in the next few days.

This is a sign of great danger in disguise.

Ghanaians should be responsible and observe all the laid down protocols of Covid 19 in other to avert this danger that is looming.

If we refuse to observe social distancing, regular washing of our hands, wearing of face masks and nose masks on the basis that the active cases on Covid 19 have reduced; then A great danger is looming and it might burst in the next few days.

Let stay on guard and observe all the fundamental protocols of Covid 19 so that, we can avoid or prevent any danger in disguise.

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