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Watch what A Lady Was Spotted Doing In A Commercial Bus

In a Public transport at kumasi, A lady was spotted doing something in a bowl that has caused Ghanaians talking.

It's advisable to eat in a Public Bus? The answer May depend on your excuses. A lady of 26 with her name not yet known was spotted eating three balls of Kenkey in a Public Bus while travelling to her house.

This has caused Ghanaians to criticise her that she lacks manners

She could have wait till she gets off the bus since she was in her way home.

Eating Publicly has many affiliations on your health as well as the public.

It's not advisable to eat publicly because it shows signs of lack of manners and as far as diseases are concerned.

Corona Virus is very real so we're encouraging each and everyone to protect his or herself well to stop the spread of the virus.

This lady maybe at risk of contradicting disease while eating widely opened in a public transport.

Wear your mask and forget not to wash your hands every time you get contact with a person.

Let's save life

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