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What a shock: See what was found in the sea at Labadi beach

This article reveal how weird things are found in the sea.

There is this phenomenon that the sea does not keep anything from outside forever thus anything throw into it will be washed ashore.what is the science behind this? No one knows except science.

Some young men went swimming at the Labadi beach and during that hour of swimming the saw a pineapple floating in the water and decided to make good use of it.since there is no knife around them there decided to break it open with their bare hands.what there found inside it would surprise you.

After breaking the pineapple open what their eyes begot was two pictures: one of a beautiful young lady and the other a young man tired together with the lady's picture. Questions arose and the response and conclusion of it all is one of the two people had casted a spell on the other. What do you think of this, leave your opinion in the comment section.

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