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"Bring your breast so I suck it, if you feel you have contracted breast cancer" - Akrobeto

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Akwesi Boadi is known in the showbiz industry as Akrobeto (who 'nose' tomorrow). He is currently the host of the television show 'The Real News' on UTV. In November 2020 clips of him reading sports results from European football in an exaggerated and enthusiastic manner became viral. His mispronunciation of César Azpilicueta's name prompted the Spanish player to share the video on Twitter and explain the correct pronunciation.

Recently, on 15th October 2021, "Mr Who Nose Tomorrow" shared his thought about an issue that came out on "No Bra Day" concerning breast cancer. Sharing his view on his show, he reacted to a statement made by a midwife in Bolgatanga to women. She said, "let the men suck your breasts to prevent breast cancer". Reacting to this statement on the Real News show, Akrobeto thanked the midwife for giving men the freedom to suck the breasts of women.

In his local dialect (Twi), he said "for me, I'm respectful. I will always abide by things that will help women and the country at large. So from today, I'll suck breasts. Either I'm sleeping or sitting, I'll make sure to suck the breasts to prevent women from contracting breast cancer".

"Let us all help them in this fight. If you feel you have contracted the breast cancer, feel free and come visit me, so I can suck it and massage it for you" - he added.

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He also made it clear that he will suck it regularly to prevent breast cancers. "It's so painful to get your breast cut after discovering you have breast cancer. We'll do this to help the women" he said with humour.

He said all these, as he continued his stories. The purpose of his show, according to him, is to release stress and have some fun as well.

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