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How to cure high blood pressure in 30 days at home

Health is wealth and if there is one who is not in a good health, life becomes very much unbearable. We turn to exert more pressure on our meagre finance as we go to hospital for medications.

God in His infinity has blessed us with a lot of plants that can cure every disease we encounter.

If you are suffering of high blood pressure popularly called BP, your prayers are answered. Okra is good to cure this disease. It is good to have people who have knowledge about how to use home made medications for curing deadly and common diseases.

Okra is capable of cleaning your blood circulatory system so blood can flow through very well. If you are on medication for High Blood Pressure, you are at the right place since the method I am about showing you is very simple but effective.

Majority of us use it for different kinds of soup but do not know a simple task as I am about telling you is good to cure High Blood Pressure within a month.

All you need is okra, a glass and water. You don't need cover for the glass. You may need knife or any well cleaned sharp object for cutting the okra. You might also need a place where you will put the prepared medicine overnight. In total, you need about 30 pieces of fresh okra/okro.

The method of preparation

Using the sharp cleaned knife or any sharp object, cut the two ends of one piece of okra. Cut it like you are about to use it to prepare soup. Put the okra that you cut into a glass of water. Please, the two ends that are cut are not used. It is the cut okra that is used. Mostly, it is advisable to prepare the medication in the evening. Leave it at a place overnight. Do not cover it. When it's morning, drink the water. Prepare this every evening and drink the water the following morning for 30 days approximately. After the 30th day, go to hospital and get tested for High Blood Pressure. Thank me later.

This is tried and tested.

Please, leave your thoughts and comments under this post. Share for someone who is dying of High Blood Pressure to be relieved again.

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