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Is the Covid 19 vaccine here to kill or cure?

It has been about a week since the government announced the arrival of the Covid 19 vaccine in Ghana. After this announcement was made, people came out with countless stories about what the think of as the actual purpose of the vaccine. While many think of the vaccine as a slow killer, others think otherwise as they believe the vaccine is here to cure. 

Particularly, the question that is still on the minds of many is that, ‘is the Covid 19 vaccine here to cure or kill?’.

Well according to experts, the Corona Virus Vaccine is definitely not here to kill anyone but rather to prepare the body's immune system to fight against the virus in case of unfortunate contraction. Though the government has made some progress to educate the people about the importance of this vaccine, many people still have it in mind that, 'the Covid 19 vaccine is here to kill Africans'.

What do you think about this?

Is the vaccine really here to kill?

Or it is here to cure?

Share your thoughts with us

Tell us what you have heard about the vaccine in the comment section.

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