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These 5 Everyday BAD But Normal Habits Are The Cause Of BLINDNESS. Avoid Them At All Cost. [OPINION]

Sometimes people develop bad habits easily and once it becomes a habit, putting a stop to it becomes almost impossible and takes great courage and determination to stop these habits.

In this article, I want to share with you five(5) everyday habits you must put a stop to before you go blind. Let's take a look below;

1. Sleeping With Make-up

Even though this habit may seem totally harmless, it is not as harmless as we may think. Before going to bed each day, no matter

how tired you may be, please try by all means to wash it off and avoid sleeping with it as it helps to easily remove bacteria that has settled around the eyes.

2. Drinking Inadequate Water

Avoiding the intake of water torments your body and your eyes are not excluded. Tears from the eyes helps clean germs and bacteria

and not being able to to do that will harm you slowly. To prevent this, please drink plenty of water.

3. Sleeping Too Little

Staying awake all day and also in the night is not right as it can damage your eyes as you're not allowing it to rest. Always try to

take naps or deep sleeps and feel more relaxed, happy and healthy.

4. Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can irritate and harm your eyes and tobacco smoke in particular have so many chemicals that it can actually

cause the protective layer of tears on your eyes to to break down. This can cause your eyes to become irritated and painful.

5. Sleeping With Your Lenses

Sleeping with your lenses may look normal but it's not. Sleeping with your lesnses can cause severe eye problems and many people do this everyday without realising it.

Which of these habits are you addicted? Hope you'll start putting a stop to them now. Please like, share and follow my page if it was helpful. Thank you

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