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3 foods that you should avoid

Health is important in everyone's life. No one wants to fall sick, so being fit is everyone's aim. The fact that no one wants to be sick, is what proves that every person loves his/her life. The things we do each and everyday, affect our health in many ways. In other to keep our body healthy always, we need to practice good eating habits and many different things that help us keep fit. Below I've listed three foods one must avoid, if you wanna stay healthy always.

Avoid: Sweetened Beverages

Most all the drinks we drink do not contain any nutrients in them. Drinks that are sweetened with sugar or naturally sweetened, provide little to no nutritional value. Instead, they spike your blood sugar leading to increase in appetite and cravings.

Avoid: Sugar

Almost all foods we eat contain sugar. Now we all know how too much sugar is bad for our health, therefore we should cut down sugar intake. Extra sugar causes a surge in insulin, and high insulin levels cause your body to store fat rather than burn it. We should eat less sugar to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

Avoid: Refined grains

Refined grains pretty much have no nutrients processed out of them. Without the fibre, they are digested and enter the blood stream rapidly, causing that familiar spike in blood sugar and fat storing insulin.

We should try our best to keep fit always. Like this article, share to your friends and many others. Follow me to know when I post new articles. Thank you.

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