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A family displays huge tablets of HIV drugs they take and also advises the public on the virus.

Many people are oblivious of the fact that, HIV is real and it still lingers amongst us. A very touching but sad story has popped up on the net regarding a family with HIV. They shared their life story on how they take their HIV drugs everyday and also the number of pills each person takes according to the age. The family of two boys and two girls, happen to live with a disease which many are scared to speak about, all because of the stigmatization that accompanies it.

The post read “ My babies and I displaying our burden of living with HIV. According to the her, the youngest in the family is Kourtney who is also nine years of age takes 11 tablets, followed by Trevor who is 17 years of age also takes 20 tablets. The third called Douglas who is 22 years of age also takes 3 tablets. And the older amongst them called Barbra who is 32 years of age also takes 3 tablets. This means the younger ones take more pills than the older ones. 

The family after making this sad story known to the public did not end there, but also gave an advise to the world out there regarding how real the virus is, and the danger associated with it. She wrote “ please stay safe because it’s not fun swallowing these pills everyday especially with kids born with HIV”. 

HIV which is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that causes AIDS. It’s one of the killer diseases that has killed many people over the years. It’s acquired through blood. Some of the ways through which one can contract the virus is through having sex with a person who has the virus in him or her. It now has medication that slows down the virus from damaging the immune system in the human body. 

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