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Benefits of touch me not plants

Touch me not plant is known for closing its leaves when touched. The plant has so many names because of its uniqueness. It is called touch me not, action plant, shy plant and sensitive grass. In Ghana it's known as nana abrewa katawoto.

Some health benefits of this wonderful plant are;

Treating premature ejaculation - take a few seeds of the touch me not plant and mix with sugar in equal quantities. Mix a tea spoonful milk and drink every night

Cures piles and haemorrhoids - a teaspoon of powder made from leaves or dried root mix in a glass of milk and consumed twice daily

Diabetes - it regulates blood sugar levels in the body by releasing the regular amount of insulin. Drink juice of the touch me not plant every morning and evening within a week.

Joint pains or arthritis - the plant has anti-inflammatory properties that help cure joint pains. All one needs to do is to make a paste of its leaves and apply on the joint overnight, wash the following day. With regular application pain will start to reduce.

Heavy menstrual flow - it is useful in female reproductive system disorder such as heavy periods. Mix 6 teaspoons of the juice of the plant, add honey and drink

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