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4 Tactics Use By Poultry Farmers To Prevent Chicken Diseases

Ascertain That There Is Sufficient Clean Water.

Make sure your chicken has enough clean water to last the entire day daily. The chicken's appetite is boosted and digestion is aided by clean water which is free from contamination. As a result, the chicken will gain even more weight and grow faster. To avoid overpopulation, which could result in mortality, watering points should be large and evenly spaced.

Follow The Vaccine Schedule To A Tee.

Stick to your doctor's vaccine schedule as closely as possible so that if the horrible sickness strikes one of your hens, the others will be safe. It protects birds from deadly infections for which there is no cure. This helped to help mass death that would put the farmer at loss.

Disposing Of Dead Birds

Burn or bury a chicken when it dies to prevent the sickness from spreading to the remaining chickens. In the deceased bodies of birds, some disease-causing germs will continue to survive. Make an appointment to have the other birds inspected and may be treated by your veterinarian. Closely monitor your chicken on daily basis to enable you to notice any kind of disease outbreak.

Ensure That The Feeding Areas Are Clean.

If the areas where you feed your chicken food are clean, you will be able to avoid diseases caused by dirt. Clean the house of droppings and the feeding and watering containers. This would help to reduce the spread of disease-causing organisms.

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