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Ensuring the covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective

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We thank the Almighty Father for keeping us under his roof,through out the Lockdown season,God guided Ghanaians physically and spiritually.Through all this Deadly pandemic season,God has helped and still helping us.God has indeed helped Ghanaians and the entire world through this deadly pandemic season.

The deadly pandemic has caused great distortion towards the success of all the developmental sectors in Ghana.This has even caused a massive declination towards the development in Ghana and the entire world.Initially,the world thought of getting no vaccine to cure this deadly pandemic but with God all things are possible,the Good Lord has helped us to find a vaccine for this deadly pandemic.Ghana is the first African Country to receive this vaccine from India.This has made the government laid down a proper management towards the distribution of the vaccine across the nation.Initially, the citizens in this country thought of not going to be injected by the deadly pandemic vaccine but finally,the citizens have started going in for the vaccine.I want to use this opportunity to inform Ghanaians that,the only solution,to cure the deadly pandemic is by the vaccine,there is no side effect in the vaccination,let us all cooperate to drive out this deadly pandemic by going in for the vaccine in order to stay safe.please send your comments coming,like and share this article to drive away the deadly pandemic.

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