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Health benefits of lady's mantle that you need to know

There is more to know about our herbs as Africa has been known as a herbal land.

As some folks never had any clue about how to use our local herbs to cure some diseases and sicknesses in their lives even though we are in a modern technological system now we still believe in our local herbs.

As of today's article, I'm on nothing but Lady's Mantle as this herb has been around in our vicinity but it rather unfortunate we don't have any clue about this special herb around us.

This herb called Lady's mantle has so many ways of use but we are only allowed to place a few over here and if you take action on this you will be overwhelmed.

Let dive in for this herb as this herb has two phases of use which are internal and external but we are only to catch on with external in today's article, and please follow for the next phase of this special herb. 

So let get into it for external use, as the Lady's mantle can be used in a sitz bath, gargle, or simply be mixed with the bathwater(in case of heaviness in the legs for example). In this case, the dosage is 50 g. of dried aerial parts infused in a liter of water. Because of its action close to progesterone, the lady's mantle must be used with great care by all those taking an oral contraceptive. The family tree is contraindicated for people suffering from gastritis or peptic ulcer.

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Africa Lady 's Mantle


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