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Why garlic is one of the 10 best foods for men sexual health.

Garlic is widely recognized as a health food. A relative of the onion, garlic is a source of a surprising number of vitamins and minerals. It contains magnesium, selenium and vitamin C. And all of these nutrients are considered essential to sexual health. This is great news for both men and women but there are some specific garlic benefits for men.


You may have already heard that garlic is believed to fight the common cold. (This is the most popular garlic benefit for men and women, too!) But did you know that it may fight brain disease and help you live longer?

Garlic health benefits also include:

Fighting free radicals

Combating high cholesterol and high blood pressure

Potentially antiviral and antibacterial

Potentially reducing levels of heavy metals in the body

Increasing stamina

Aged garlic may reduce risk of prostate cancer

Garlic’s only drawback is, of course, its effects on the breath. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that give this plant many of its health benefits but they are also what cause bad breath. Parsley, mint and anise help diminish the distinctive aroma. But the best fix is to share your garlicky dish with your lover and indulge in multiple passions together.

Although these are the most commonly promoted abilities of garlic, this isn’t all garlic can do for your health. Garlic has benefits specific to men’s sexual health.


A study by the University of Alabama proved that allicin, a powerful compound produced in garlic, boosts blood flow. And according to one informal study, the boost in blood flow has serious benefits for men when it comes to maintaining an erection.

Benefits of garlic sexually for a man’s libido

Although there is a lack of formal research to prove the effectiveness and evaluate dosing, it appears that the allicin in garlic has the potential not only to decrease the risk of heart attacks but aid in the ability to maintain erections.

This is the primary reason garlic is considered a libido booster. But you may need to seriously increase your fresh garlic intake if you want to use garlic as a sexual enhancer. (Can you handle eating several cloves per day?)

According to the Doctor’s Directory of India, eating 3-4 cloves of raw garlic daily, eaten on an empty stomach for three or four months, will work to improve the ability to maintain erections. This is, they say, how to use garlic for man power.

But what do you do if you can’t stand eating raw garlic? Apparently mixing garlic with honey will not only make it more palatable but it may have some added benefits.

Garlic and honey for men

Those who can’t stomach raw garlic cloves should mix it with a teaspoon of honey for this daily treatment. Fresh garlic is considered most effective and if honey doesn’t diminish the biting flavor, the garlic can be mixed with milk.

Of course, adding honey to your garlic for medicinal purposes will give you the added sexual benefits that come from the regular consumption of honey. (Honey may increase arousal and aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Here’s more information on the benefits of honey.)

I cannot find any peer-reviewed studies to support the notion that a raw garlic regimen will work to enhance erections. But for most otherwise healthy men, there is little risk in trying this garlic diet. And there may be an unexpected benefit of garlic to manhood.

Can it improve male fertility?

There is some research to support the idea that garlic can improve fertility in men. A handful of studies help to illustrate that the antioxidants in garlic may improve fertility but the research is very limited and is still considered inconclusive.


According to a 2016 study, women are more attracted to the body odor of men who eat large quantities of garlic than men who don’t eat garlic. The study did not determine what it is about eating garlic that made the men’s scent more appealing. But it is suspected that the known health benefits of garlic may simply send a subtle signal of good health.


There is an alternative for getting a nutritional boost from garlic without the pungent aroma. Garlic supplement benefits is a controversial topic in the science community.

Although there are studies proving that garlic extract capsules can help reduce cold symptoms and even reduce blood pressure, there is an equal number of studies showing that garlic tablets cannot compete with the benefits of fresh garlic. I also can’t find any studies claiming the advantages of garlic pills in improving sexual performance.

So if you’re thinking about taking garlic tablets for sexual health, I recommend you have a conversation with a medical professional about the impact. And as far as I’m concerned, garlic is an ingredient best enjoyed fresh. But you may see some benefit from taking it as a capsule.

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