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5 Male features that women can't resist

Women are very complex human beings but the one thing they make obvious is what they like. So today am going to show you 5 features that women just can resist in men.

A Broad chest

A Man's chest is one of the main features that makes him more masculine. I don't know if you've ever noticed that when you're around other men your chest subconsciously pops out that means a broad chest gives a sense of dominance and trust me every woman wants a dominant man. So why don't you wear fitted clothes that show them off.

A Man's Smile

A Man's Smile is a genuine feature in his physical appearance. It's should be natural and not too much. This shows ladies that you're down to earth and fun to be with. So your oral hygiene is non-negotiable, visit the dentist every six months, brush and floss your teeth everyday. This will give you the nice white smile that you want.

A Wider Back

A wide back gives you this amazing, cool look that ladies just can't resist it. So what should you do, go to the gym and work your back muscles. My recommended exercise is the pull up.

Pink, Soft Lips

When a woman is talking to you, she is directly looking at your face and your lips is noticeable part of the face. It's should not be dry, rough and chapped, that is why you should exfoliate them and use lip balm often to prevent this. With this, you will have soft, succulent pink lips that you desire.

A Muscular Arm

A Man's arm is mostly visible when wearing clothes. I not talking about the biceps only, I talking about the biceps, triceps and Forearms, these are what make up a full arm. Apart from working out in gym, you could also where jewelry such wristband, beads and so on. This makes your arm pop and look more muscular.

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