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Controversy as government contracts another company to buy 5 million sputnikV vaccines at $26 a dose

A lot of controversies keeps coming up about the nation's procurement of the sputnik V vaccines for the good people of Ghana.

Within a space two weeks,two major issues have come up about the nation's bid to procure further vaccines to get the nation inoculated.

Astrazeneca vaccines were first received through a covax facility so there were no issues associated with its procurement.

The covax was an initiative by the world health organisation to get citizens of developing countries vaccinated.

Both the first and second doses have been administered but were not enough to get all citizens vaccinated.

Unfortunately,in the government's attempt to procure further vaccines,the whole procurement process is being mild by series of controversies.

In a document sighted by one of Ghana's foremost news portals (, the Health Ministry has contracted another supplier, S. L. Global Limited to purchase five million doses of the drug at $26 per dose.

Digging further into the 20 page document, the Ghanaian owned company serving as the intermediate is to deliver the vaccines in batches; which has been scheduled to be one million doses each month until the fifth month when the country would have had the enough doses for inoculation.

Among other things, the agreement was that the purchase will not include transportation, storage and other charges; thus, the said $26 per dose as earlier stipulated is likely to rise.

This comes few days after a controversy sparked as a result of the government of Ghana procuring a ten $10 vaccine per dose at an amount of $19.

According to the Health Ministry, the $19 price is a result of the government’s direct sealing with a businessman rather than seeking to obtain the vaccines on a government-to-government basis which is cheaper yet difficult to pushed through.

The chairman of the parliamentary committee on Health, Dr. Nana Ayew Afriyie dispelled claims that the government has been swindled in the deal to procure the Sputnik-V Covid-19 vaccine.

He argued that producers of the vaccine do not deal directly with the government, as such, middlemen are being used causing an increase in the original price of $10 per dose which is the factory price.

Dr.Afriyie argued that,the accusations that the government procured the sputnik V vaccines at an overpriced amount is misplaced.

He added that,the government is just procuring a newly developed vaccines for the people of Ghana to ensure that,the citizenry are immuned from the deadly Corona virus pandemic.

A lot of Ghanaians have reacted to these developments as to why the government in this hard times will embark on such an extravaganza.

The explainations given seems justifiable since a lot of governments are scrambling for the limited product and so most definitely,the highest bidder will get served first.

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