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Every Human Is Unique, But If You Have This Trait You Have Every Right To Feel Extra Special

Every human beings are unique in their ways as if they do not want to be cute rather they would want to be sexy, to be sexy doesn't means to be a case of acting or saying something in a way rather is to having a certain body, but another man's food is another man's poison.

To have a dimples in your cheeks is beautiful but some people wish they do not possess it, there is a form of dimples that is found in the lower back of the human beings as many will said it is a Venus kind.

The history of Venusian dimples and their meaning goes back to that of the Roman goddess, Venus. The medical professionals coined the term from the art of the goddess to signify their beauty. However, most women have them but they are rare in men

Also, back dimples are found at the lower back as they occur where your pelvis and spine meet right above your buttocks.

They are form through a short ligament that connects your superior iliac spine — the outside edge the iliac bone — and your skin.

These black dimples are regarded to as dimples of Venus and it's widely accepted in the medical community,

The name is from Venus who was a Roman godess of beauty and it's is said to occur in people who are women

Exercise can't get this dimples as there is lack of muscle in the region to tone but weight lose can make it appear...

Dimples in general are rumoured to be genetic, however there is no concrete evidence and facts for the statement because scientists ate not certain what genes have to do with dimples, but can be classified as a dominant genetic trait

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