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The Simple But Powerful Leaf That Can Cure Stroke, Toothache, Headache And Other Ailments Simply.

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The Bonto Leaves is a West African herbal plant and is used to cure many sickness both in Africa and around the continent.

The scientific name of it is Nicotiana Tabacum and it's family name is Solanaceae Scientific.

The bonto leaves has a wide variety of uses but today we will be looking at it's use to cure stroke and toothache and the procedure is really simple and can be administered either by the patient herself or by someone else.

1. Cure and Prevent Stroke

We all know stroke is an ailment that attacks the human brain and ceases other parts of the body to become numb and unsensitive.

The treatment of this ailment usually drains family members and caretakers of huge finances as it is very costly.

But with bonto leaves in your backyard, you don't have to lose any money. Just get some leaves of the bonto and boil. Give to the patient thrice daily and also administer some on the person's numb part.

2. Stop Toothache

The procedure for stopping toothache is really simple. Just get some leaves of the bonto and heat over fire for a while. Fold into a little piece and place in your mouth at where the tooth aches most.

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Bonto Leaves Cure Toothache West African


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