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We are all at risk; Prof Akwasi Osei warns on the attacks of mentally challenged persons

Few days ago, a mentally challenged woman ended the life of a young man at the top of the circle interchange.

According to sources, the woman was attacking vehicles that were passing by with stones and a man who also stays atop the interchange tried to stop the lunatic from further attacks. He then left the place for a while and returned later to sleep. The woman noticing he slept picked a cement block and went to hit the man, ending his life. The police came to arrest the mad woman.

Tv3's Alfred Ocansey engaged the Chief Director of Mental Health Authority in Ghana, Professor Akwasi Osei on his show, Ghana Tonight. 

Asked about the state of mental health in Ghana, Prof. Akwasi Osei said that, they have actually made some progress from where they were in the past, but they are nowhere near where they want to be. He said there are about 6000 mentally challenged people leaving on the street and added that, the figure could even be more. According to him, there should be a point where these people should not be seen on our streets loitering about and eating from refuse dumps and gutters. It is at that point that mental health in Ghana would be considered to have achieved it's goals.

He blamed part of the problems of mental health on care and attention. According to him, there is little interest in mental health. He said some of these people have left their homes and prayer camps because, families don't pay attention to them and they don't see the need to care for them. He entreat everyone to sit up in order to tackle the problem because, we are all at risk of these wild mentally ill persons

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