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Check How To Treat HIV, Cancer, Premature Ejaculation, Gonorrhea, Diabetes, etc With Almond Tree

Terminala catappa also know as Almond tree.

The Terminalla catappa as its scientific name is very easy to plant and its numerous fruits ensure its reproduction. If you place one in your garden, allow sufficient space in width. Do not attach it to a wall. Put it in the sun and do not water it too much.

Medicinal use

The Bark, leaves, root and fruit

Cut a bark plate about five by ten centimeters from the trunk. Clean the outside and boil in a liter of water until you get a light red decoction. Drink a glass two to three times a day to:

1-the young leaves, bark and fruit are used for the treatment of dermatitis and fever.

2-The tree's leaves, fruit and bark are used as a remedy for dysentery, gonorrhea and skin ailments including scabies.

3-The leaves are used as dressing of rheumatic joints and to treat coughs, asthma, leprosy, travel nausea and eye problems, and to get rid of intestinal parasites.

4-The young leaves and fruit are used for pains, including headaches and colic.

5-A decoction from fallen leaves (Dry) is used as a herbal remedy for preventing and treating hepatitis and cancerous tumours in the liver.

6-An Indian study which concluded that leaf extracts have stronger antibacterial properties than commercially used antibiotics provides scientific support for the use of the tree in the traditional treatment of diseases.

7-A researchers at the Institute of Genetics, National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan found that the major tannin component of the leaves, called punicalagin, has anti-oxidative properties that suppress the formation of cancer-causing free radicals in the liver.

Research made by scientis show that,

Both water extract of Terminalia catappa leaves and punicalagin were also found to have potential in the suppression of lung cancer, with a 2.6-fold reduction in small solid tumours observed in mice after 30 days of treatment. Tests on rats found extracts from fresh, green fruit to be effective against diabetes; researchers observed a dose-dependent fall in blood sugar levels of 25-62%, with the maximum effect seen after 15 days. Other studies showed the fruit's ellagic acid suppresses HIV, and that seed kernels exhibit aphrodisiac activity in rats. In Taiwan and elsewhere the kernel is believed to be useful in the treatment of certain forms of sexual disfunction, including premature ejaculation.

-calm migraines ,

-soothe stage fright, apprehension, panic,

-calm cramps of circulatory origin,

-calm cramps and tingling due to the scraper;

-A decoction gives breath and avoids the heart beating.

How to prepare and Use

Get the dry leaves, back and if possible the root boil it for some minutes and have a drink morning and evening. Best before meal.

(You can also have a taste of the nut while on the medication)

CAUTION: this remedy is not recommended for women who are on their period and pregnant woman It can increase the volume and frequency of menstrual flow but if you have cease menses you can have a try. It is also not recommended for those who have heart problems.

Others Uses of the leaves:

-The leaves are used for their emollient properties:

- heated leaf juice poured over boils or abscesses can help calm it

- yellowed leaf juice diluted with water, gargling against sore throat.

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