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The Ten (10) Golden Rules For Safe Food Preparation Developed By WHO

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One may ask, what is good food? Good food is a food that is well prepared in a decent environment and covered with well fitting lid by a decent and a cleanly dressed cook who follows all the ten (10) golden rules for the safe food preparation that is being developed by the world health organization.

Below are the ten (10) golden rules by WHO for the safe preparation of foods in our homes and communities at large;

1. Choose foods that are processed for safety

2. Cook food thoroughly

3. Eat cooked foods immediately

4. Store cooked foods safely

5. Reheat cooked foods thoroughly

6. Avoid contact between raw foods and cooked foods

7. Wash hands repeatedly

8. Keep all kitchen surfaces clean

9. Protect foods from insects, rodents and other animals

10. Finally, use safe water in food preparation

When food is prepared following strictly the above safe food preparation rules by WHO the food can be described as well prepared and a good food for consumption.

Please let's follow these rules by the world health organization to prevent food poisoning in our homes.

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