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Your kidneys are been destroyed by this one thing. Avoid it please.

Healthy Body is what everybody strive for. Life becomes very difficult when one become sick but there are certain sicknesses that none of us pray for and one of then is KIDNEY DISEASE, but there is one habit that put a lot of us at risk of getting KIDNEY DISEASES and that is:


We are living in a world now that most of our jobs requires we sit from 9am to 5pm and some even do more, but little do we know that this habit that is connected to our jobs are killing us. The human body is made to move not to stay idle.

Kidney disease prevention should include a lifestyle changes such as been physically active and reduced sedentary character or behaviour. People who are physically active have a higher percentage of not developing kidney disease, because been physically active makes you lower your cholesterol, stabilize your blood pressure, keeps your weight in good form and all this factors when they are not in their right state increases your chances of getting kidney disease.

According to the journal of the National Kidney Foundation in America, 'Sitting for long periods of a time has now been linked to the development of kidney disease'

Being physically active is the solution to this, but how do we bring it in our daily lives especially when most of our jobs requires us to sit a lot of time. This simple, the advice is:

  1. Make sure you get up from your sit every 30 minutes to 1hour and walk around for some few minutes before returning to your sit.
  2. Avoid sitting in the house the whole weekend, at least exercise early in the morning and engage your self in physical activities
  3. Go for the sport you like, either footballing, running, tennis etc.
  4. Keep the body moving and make sure you exercise at least 30minutes everyday, like walking, jogging, cycling or whatever keeps you active.

Kidney disease is something that is dangerous, lets avoid this too much sitting and also pray pray for God to protect us all and heal those who are already having one.

please like, share and feel free to comment and add your advice so that we can all help each other to prevent this.

May God bless us all.

Content created and supplied by: Abdallahfaisal14 (via Opera News )

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