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Gym Instructor Again: Check Out What A Gym Instructor Was Caught Doing To A Young Lady (Video)

Exercise is one of the best medicine most doctors advise their clients to engage themselves, in other to keep their system strong and healthy. Many people prefer to exercise their body at the gym while other prefer on the streets.

Gym centers are one of the safest places every one prefers to exercise their body but the rate at which some gym instructors handles the ladies sometimes leaves many in a state of shock.

There are several news about gym instructors mishandling ladies at the gym. If you can recall a gym instructor was killed for allegedly sleeping with a married woman which became a talk of the nation.

Recently a another gym instructor was caught at the gym center with a lady touching her huge backside in the name if training her to become fit and strong.

The rate at which gym instructors are using their work to mishandling some ladies at the gym is very sad.

According a video on social media, a gym instructor was caught with a young lady at the gym training her in a different ways. In the video you could see that the gym instructor was seen holding the waist of the young lady as they squat up and down. He was also seen lying on the lady all in the name of training her.

Exercise is good for the body but ladies must be very careful where they go to exercise their bodies in other for them to prevent themselves from any harass and temptation which can lead to another sad story.

The young ones must also learn how to exercise their body at the gym without allowing the gym instructors to touch some parts of their body which can lead to harassment.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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