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All You Need To Know About Grace, China's Humanoid HealthCare Bot

Thank you for clicking on this article. Today we will be talking about Grace, the new humanoid robot manufactured in China as a healthcare bot for the COVID 19 pandemic.

Hong Kong: Meet Grace, The Healthcare Robot COVID-19 Created

Grace was created by Hanson Robotics, the Hong Kong-based creator of the celebrity humanoid robot Sophia. The health care android is designed to help the elderly and those who feel isolated during the coronavirus pandemic. Dressed in blue Nurses' uniform, Grace has a colored brown hair and a thermal camera in her chest which she uses to take patient's temperature and responsiveness. She uses Artificial Intelligence to diagnose a patient and can also speak English, Mandarin and Katangese. She is also able to brighten the day of patients with her social stimulation ability. She also entertains and helps patients carry out exercises to keep themselves fit. She does help prescribe treatments to patients, take vital information from patients and also carry out physical therapy.

Robot Sophia Speaker Bureau & Speaking Fee | Aurum Bureau

What are your views on Grace? Do you think the World is improving in terms of robotic engineering?

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