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The Effects Of Smoking

In all aspects of health and information being given out, there is always the possibility that smoking is stated as very dangerous. For some people who smoke like the white men, it is mostly because they live in cold temperature's. In other to keep the body warm and from freezing, that is why they smoke.

Meanwhile, some people smoke just for the fun of it. Smoking is not a good habit as it pose's countless danger to one's health, which are always stated on the packs. For someone who values health a lot, smoking should be amongst the things you should stay away from and never practice.

It has many effects on the body of it's victims, that is the people that smoke. And they are all not positive effects as they cause severe damage and destruction to the body. Some of these effects are as follows.

Breathing problems

Smoking causes cancer

Heart disease


Lung cancer

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Temporary memory loss

Loss of vision


Dental problems and countless more.

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