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The rise of Covid19 in Ghana update

"We are not in normal times". Covid19 the deadly virus still trends for all we know.

Ghana today all in the name of covid19 leaving life implicating that things are normalized.

Moving about without the safety protocol of covid19. We need to protect our self and the people around us. Living according to the safety measures will help drive away the deadly virus from our midst.

We should not move about freely without observation of the safety measures put in place for a better country for us all. We should not support the saying that the President is the cause of covid19 in existence.

We all need to support one another to stop the current situation of the country. Before we could go back to our normal times,the need to observe all covid19 protocols.

Put on your nose masks anytime you are going out. Observe one meter distance. Wash your hands under running water. Use the hand sanitizer anytime there is no water close to you. Clean all handles and sanitize your work place in and out of of work.

Covid19 update in Ghana total number of cases is 121,307 which is still rising day in and out which we need to bring in a reduction.

1,069 is the total number of death in the hands of covid19.

113,267 is the total number of people who recovered from the virus in Ghana.

The second vaccines is out and ready to vaccinate people who already took the first vaccines.Stay safe protect people around you and get vaccinated.

By:Abigail Liko

Smart News Gists.

Content created and supplied by: SmartNews_Gists (via Opera News )

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