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A Woman Divorced Her Husband On A Sick Bed And Runaway With His Money

I believe in Love because it is a strong bond with another that goes deeper than love at first sight, attraction, infatuation or lust. Understanding eachother is the best vehicle to True Love which is a. deep mutual expression of respect, honesty, integrity, chemistry, partnership and intimacy. Love grows better when years go by and it is best experienced together. True Love makes you identify yourself with your partner.

This is a story that I witnessed. There was a married couple who has being married for eight years with two children. The man had everything needed to create comfortable environment for his family. He provided for the needs of his wife and children. That was happy moments shared which brought good memories until oneday something terrible happened.

The man suddenly fell sick and he was diagnosed that he had typhoid. He was given all sorts of medications but to no avail. His case worsened until oneday he decided to have a herbal treatment. Every week he would go to a man who was actually a native doctor who would give him a concoction (Medicine) for GHC 80.00 every week. He had this going on for three months but he wasn't improving at all and so he was admitted in the hodpital. His wife got tired of taking care of him and surprising she started showing him a lukewarm attitude. She didn't go to visit him as often as she was doing. During this time, the wife started ganging up against her husband. She stopped cooking and washing for him. She extorted money from him; telling all sorts of lies.

Oneday, she packed all her belongings including wardrobe, bed, cooking utensils including common table spoons. She took everything and left the husband with just the televisions with chairs. What an attitude to show towards a sick person?

Where is the love that was once there? Is it a love that was based on good living or money as well. The straw that broke the camel's back was when his wife served him with divorce on his dying bed. He became speechless with what he was hearing from a woman who he married for eight years. He couldn't believe it at all. He begged and pleaded with his wife but she remain adamant and rather railed insults at him, disgracing him infront of the doctors and nurses. Mouths were opened wide because people were shocked. They couldn't understand how someone can be so inhumane.

After the wife went away, many were the words that keep pouring to comfort him in order to keep him alive. Several weeks passed and he recovered and was discharged. He couldn't believe what he saw in his apartment. Everything was virtually gone. He was now thinking about how to start from the scratch.

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