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Covid 19 pandemic - Some medical workers are skeptical to take vaccination

Covid 19 is on the rise day in and day out. Since the outbreak of the disease on December 2019 in China, the whole world has been unrest finding solutions everyday. Millions of people across the world have lost their lives to this deadly virus.

Scientists all over the world were working tirelessly to come out with the solution which is a potent vaccine. They have ever since tried and tested a lot of vaccines but to no avail. This pandemic has really come to show everybody how things can change with a twinkle of an eye.

Not recently that it was announced that, there has been a breakthrough by coming out with a vaccine. It came with good news because of how the pandemic has been in thr system for a very long time. But it seems health workers are even afraid of getting themselves vaccinated.

Monitored by Ahomka.News on DW TV, it was sighted that, some health workers in countries like Germany etc, are afraid to take the vaccine. This has become another challenge because the vaccine has to be received to help curtail curtail or curb the pandemic.

These workers are of the view that, they have doubts in taking the vaccine because of the long term side effects. They are afraid of the long term effects associated to the vaccine.

They are also saying they do not want to take because it is not 100% proven. They dont know what will happen next after taking it. It has become another challenge which is difficult to overcome.

Others are skeptical because the vaccine has not been around for a very long time. It seems no body wants to lose his or her precious life. The medical workers are those who have to take the vaccine first before anyone else because they get contact with a lot of people and how they are prone to.

Well let's see the outcome within the days ahead whether it will become convincing enough for them to accept and take. Thanks for reading.

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