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Use UDA seeds to maintain a firm breast and also to stop painful menstruation

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well, am back with another article which talks about firm breast

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1. HOW TO PREPARE: Boil Uda seed (just the seed ,do not boil with the peel), take this first thing on the morning for 7days and your breasts will gradually gain its firm. 

2. The reason Uda water is given to a woman who just gave birth is because Uda water helps to flush toxic and foreign substances from the body. So Uda water helps to get her back to her fit. 

3. For Menstrual flow: In that case are you a woman and you experience painful menstruation , boil Uda water and little Garlic, take this three days before your menstrual flow. And you will experience pain free menstrual flow. 

After your menstrual flow, take fresh honey mixed with Garlic to to keep your Vagina clean from bacterial. This will keep your Vagina fresh and restore its original fragrance. 

4. To loose weight around the tummy area, As a woman, do you have big tommy and want it to return to its original form? boil Uda water and Ginger, take this daily until you see a desired result. 

5. And for our men, pls do not use Uda water for reduction of fat around the stomach (this is because too much of it can cause watery sperm) instead you should boil Lemon grass and Ginger, take this first thing in the morning until you see desired results.




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