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What You Need To Know About The Deadly Chikungunya Virus

Chikungunya is a viral sickness transmitted to people through infected mosquitoes. It is caused by the chikungunya virus (CHIKV).

The sickness was first defined during a virulent disease in southern Tanzania in 1952.

A CHIKV infection causes fever and excessive joint ache. Other signs consist of muscle ache, joint swelling, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash.

It is not often fatal, however the signs may be intense, long-lasting, and debilitating.

Most infected patients are symptomatic. Infection should be suspected in a returning visitor or contact with a returning traveler from Southeast Asia, Sub-saharan Africa, Italy, or the Caribbean.


Temperature is usually >38.9C. Joint exam exhibits symmetric distal joint tenderness, tenosynovitis, and often proof of joint swelling. Gait may be slow, broad-primarily based totally secondary to debilitating joint ache. Maculopapular rash related to trunk and extremities is typically seen.

Treatment and Medication Options for Chikungunya

There isn’t anyt any precise antiviral drug for chikungunya, so remedy entails relieving the signs. Treatment includes:

– Antipyretics to lessen fever

– Analgesics for ache comfort and to lessen fever

– Drinking masses of fluids

– Rest

-Given the similarity of signs among chikungunya and dengue, in areas in which each viruses circulate, suspected chikungunya sufferers have to keep away from the use of aspirin or nonsteroidal anti inflammatory pills (NSAIDs) till a dengue prognosis is dominated out (that is due to the fact those drug treatments can growth the hazard of bleeding with dengue)

Once a diagnosis is established, patients with chronic joint ache can use nonsteroidal anti inflammatory pills and corticosteroids, along with topical preparations. Physical remedy can also additionally assist reduce the signs.

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