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Nurses Don’t Accept Posting To Our Town Because There Is No Water Here- Residents Of Sibi Cry Out.

Sibi is one of the small communities in the Nkwanta district in the eastern region of Ghana. Most of the residents of this town are farmers and really need water for their activities.

According to a special report made by JoyNews this afternoon, the residents of the town are pleading with the government to expand the only dam in the community, which serves as a source of water for the both livestock and humans.

Some of the interviewed citizens raised the point that, the community lack proper health care system because most of the nurses and doctors do not accept postings to their community, all because of their water situation.

The chief of the community also said that, even before they get water, they go to far distances with the aid of a tricycle which is very dangerous. And all what they are pleading for is the expansion of the dam, so that, they can have enough water because they have drilling boreholes but it’s not working.

So My Question is that, do these people have representatives in government and if they have, why are they not doing anything to provide the people water?

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