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96 Years Old, Titleholder Runner, As Fit As Fiddle, Known As The World Fittest Person(Photos)

Charles Eugster, 96, a titleholder runner, muscle head and rower, gives his eating regimen, wellness and health tips for remaining fit as a fiddle as you age.

If you ask Charles Eugster, 96, "retirement" is a messy word.

A weight lifter and runner who has established different world precedents in his age bunch in races going from 60 meters to 400 meters, Eugster is essentially the fittest 96-year-old on earth. While sustenance and exercise are unquestionably essential in his tips for sound living for the maturing populace, there is one other factor most importantly.

At 96 years of age, Charles Eugster is a hero runner in his age bunch and consistently works out with loads to keep a body nearer to that of a 30-year man.

"Retirement is one of the most noticeably awful things that you can do to yourself,'' Eugster told today from his home in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Charles Eugster


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