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Meet Jhampia The Boy With Half Body Who Lives His Life Differently Among Others

The story of a young boy living with only half the human body has gotten the attention of people.

According to the mother of this boy, he was born with a congenial disorder that left him with a very short spine.

Jhampia, the boy under discussion was said to have been delivered through a cesarean operation and immediately after his birth, the doctors said one of his lower limbs will need to be cut since they are very weak.

A said revelation that was made by the mother of Jhampia indicated that, her husband's family picked up a fight with her for bringing forth a disabled child.

Because of this, her husband sought to maltreating her every now and then, that she had to leave her matrimonial home every evening for fear of been killed at night.

Her husband finally neglected she and the baby and since then she had been struggling to cater for herself and her child.

Growing up, Jhampia never had the chance to go to school since he was normally bullied by others and most schools wouldn't accept him because of his condition..

One interesting fact to note is that, Jhampia was a very talented kid naturally, and his creative skills normally won him some money as reward for which he and his mother dwelt on.

His mother finally made a saying that, " We must always accept finite disappointment but never give up on infinite hope"

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