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Use Plantain Leaf To Remedy Fibroid And Other Common Sicknesses

Are you suffering from fibriod, cyst, myome etc?

Make use of fresh plantain leaves

It stops heavy bleeding and pain from fibriod

It treats small fibriods that are still developing.

It stops fibriod regrowth after surgery


Get fresh plantains leaves, wash very well. You can pound them so you extract the juice very well. Add just small water so you bring out all the juice.

Drink one glass every morning and evening for 5 days and see the magic.

If it's severe case of fibriod you can take for 1-3 months.

Remember to go for scan before you start....scan again after 2-3 month to see the progress


1 – Natural Sunburn Relief: If you’ve received a sunburn from the beach or pool, plantain leaves can be used to reduce the effect. Extracting the juice from the leaves by crushing it and applying cool water to it. Then, apply it to the affected area using your hands or a brush. The anti-inflammatory nature will go into effect to sooth the burn.

2 – Cures Insect Bites: Insect bites cause our skin to become itchy. And, the plantain leaves contain anti-irritant properties to cure it. Thus, reducing the itchiness or rash from ants, flies, bees or wasps. Hence, the skin will heave faster and properly. 

 3 – Aids in Quicker Healing of Wounds: The leaf of the plantain contains allantoin which has antibacterial properties. Therefore, once the leaves are applied to wounds it kills the germs as well as bacteria. Thus, speeding up the healing process with the production of new skin cells.

4-- Indigestion, Heartburn and Ulcers: When the leaves are used to make a tea or tincture, it is said to help with indigestion, heartburn and ulcers.

5 – Natural diuretic: When ingested, it is believed that plantain leaves enables frequent urination. This allows the body to eliminate toxins from the kidneys and bladders.

6 – Eases Tough Periods: Working as an antispasmodic, it provides relief from painful periods cramps and slows heavy bleeding. Squeeze out the juice n drink during period.

7 – Eases Scalp Infections: Products rich in antiseptic and antimicrobial properties aids in reducing scalp infections such as dandruff, dry scalp, psoriasis and many more. These properties reduce the inflammation in the scalp that causes these scalp infections. Hence, allowing the scalp to function smoothly by producing oil to coat the new growth with moisture and protein needed. Thus, promoting hair growth.

8 – Reduces the Effects of Scarring: Remember when you were younger and you fell off your bike and got a cut, bruise or boo-boo? And, the scar is still there decades later? Plantain leaves help to reduce the chances of scarring. The antimicrobial properties in the plantain leave aids in the skin regeneration process which allows the skin to heal properly from a wound.

Have you ever tried using plantain for medicinal use? What was your experience? Share with us right below in the comments section.

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