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You need to see a doctor urgently when you have this dangerous health condition.

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Hyperkalemia, a condition that needs urgent attention.

The substances in the blood plasma are very important as their levels in the blood plasma depicts and indicates several health conditions that need urgent attention. 

The low level of red blood cells (erythrocytes) is an indication of certain diseases that may require very immediate attention.

The normal level of Potassium in the blood plasma is 3.5 mmol/L- 5.0 mmol/L [ mmol/L millimol per litre]. At a high level of plasma Potassium being >6.5 mmol/L, the person is required to have urgent attention. A high level of Potassium in the blood plasma is termed hyperkalemia

What is hyperkalemia?

Hyperkalemia is a condition of the blood plasma where the level of Potassium is greater than 5.5 mmol/L.

The normal level of Potassium (K+) in the plasma is a result of the balance of intake and excretion.

The kidneys are the organs responsible for excretion in the human body.

This dangerous health condition is termed the silent killer by various health workers.

What are the causes of hyperkalemia?

• Oliguric renal failure

• Metabolic acidosis

• K+ Sparing diuretics

• Massive blood transfusion

• Excess Potassium (K+) therapy

• Burns

• Drugs, example; suxamethonium

• Addison's disease

• Rhabdomyolysis

What happens when you have hyperkalemia?

Symptoms Of Hyperkalemia

✓ heart palpitations

✓ shortness of breath

✓ chest pain

✓ nausea


✓ Paralysis

Some other symptoms are as follows:

A person having hyperkalemia needs high medical attention, is required to see a medical doctor for qualified medical care.

Hyperkalemia is a very bad health condition and a person having hyperkalemia is always tested for kidney failure or oliguric renal failure as two conditions relate to each other.

 Abusing certain drugs is very dangerous to your health. Always see a doctor for a qualified prescription. Stay informed.

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