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WARNING: Foods And Drug Authority Warns The General Public On Unsafe Use Of Injectable Glutathoine.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has made known that no injectable glutathione or injectable skin lightening products have been approved by the Authority for use in the country.

In a press statement signed by Chief Executive Officer, Delese A. A. Darko, the Authority noted that it has come to their notice of the promotion of such products on social media, hence the need to draw the attention of the public.

''The Food and Drugs Authority has noted with concern and cautions the public on the unsafe use of injectable glutathione which is being promoted on social media for skin lightening and bleaching, correction of uneven skin tone and reduction of blemishes.”

''So far, there is no clinical evidence on the safety and effectiveness of these products and no published guidelines for correct dosing and duration of treatment,” the authority added.

According to the Food and Drug Authority, the use of injectable glutathione poses significant safety risk to their users.

Individuals who use such products can suffer from “toxic effects on the liver, kidneys and nervous system and a serious skin reaction known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome.”

Also, users risk being infected with skin cancer.

On this note, the Food and Drugs Authority has advised against patronising such injectable medicinal products online or from unauthorized professionals.

All users of these products should beware that aside the dangers the product poses itself, ''administering it under unsterile conditions or by people who are not certified to administer injectable preparations is not safe and could lead to the transmission of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis C and B.”

These products on the market are used by both men and women alike. So what happens to those who have already injected such products into their system? And even those who have administered such products to their customers but are not certified to do so?

Let's be careful the way we treat our skin by applying such harmful products. There are more natural ways to attain a good and radiant skin colour. If you want a nice looking skin, eat well by take more foods containing vitamins, eat more carrots, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits and reduce staying long hours in the sun. These are just some few ways...

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