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Disease prevention and treatment

Liposuction is a good preventive method for Gynecomastia

Thus disease is caused by the increase in size of the male breast tissue due to hormonal I'm balance. 

The swelling is as a result of swelling in Male breast tissue have reduceded hormones (testosterone) or vast increase in the female hormones (oestrogen). 

Scientist believe that the causes consist: puberty, medication, ageing and health problems that results in hormonal imbalance. 

Doctors advice patients to allow gynecomastia to heal on it's own but if symptoms persists for a longer period, surgery is considered. away on its own. They also advise patients to get medicine from the pharmacy.

Liposuction. Most Doctors ask patients to undergo liposuction to get rid of excess tissues because liposuction is able to remove excess fats but not gland from the breast.

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure for the removal of gland tissues accumulated in a body that harms the body. This surgery requires less cutting off the body to remove excess glands and healing is quicker and effective. 

If patients don't want to undergo surgery, they are told to do these things

1- lose weight- male patients are advised to control their weight through diets, exercises and visiting gyms regularly.

2- avoid steroid and abusing of dugs.

3- Reduce alcohol consumption if possible stop.

4- visit a therapist for hormone treatments. 

Gynecomastia is never permanent. It moves through various stages and disappear. It begins with inflammation of breast tissues but moves away within six to twelve months when properly attended to. However it's quite unbearable since men experience tenderness in their breast which is unfamiliar to their bodies unlike the breast of a woman.


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