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Do You Have Ulcer? See How To Cure Ulcer Permanently With Unripe Pawpaw

Ulcer is internal damage to the stomach or digestive organs. Common causes of ulcers are contamination of the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria and long-term use of headache relievers and several different pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) and naproxen sodium (Aleve, Anaprox, others). .


H. pylori enters the digestive system through food and sits in the lining of the stomach and here and there in the upper part of the small digestive tract. It targets the basal segment to destroy the corrosives sent by the stomach, making it difficult to pass through the corrosive stomach (usually 160 mM HCl concentration).

Since it couldn't be done, it stayed there, swallowing the roof of the stomach, causing injuries at the same time. So whenever the stomach releases it corrosively as a sign of food, the stomach falls into the wound caused by H. pylori which causes acute abdominal pain that feeds on the chest, as in the photo below.

Instructions for removing boils with immature legs


Stressful, spicy food sources won't cause heartburn, but they can worsen your reading.

Try not to take a suffering executioner without a solution. Once you have tried to verify the results, you will find that the medication used to relieve the discomfort is causing ulcers or sores on the body.

Then we need only say that in the natural treatment of gastric ulcers by environmental botanists, the main immature organic product of the legs is cut into pieces. The tape or seeds are not removed.


All organic products are simply cut into a solid form and then absorbed in a bowl filled with 1,200 ml of water for four days as shown below.

That way, if you have heartburn that doesn't seem to be going away, you won't worry anymore because I will show you how to kill the disease normally and then take care of your health.

The most effective way to prepare immature legs for getting rid of ulcers.

1. Take raw feet and wash. Make sure it's raw and not torn

2. Try not to peel or remove the seeds. Just leave it as it is.

3. After you wash the outside completely, cut it without cutting it into small pieces. The pieces should look like cube sugar or carrots.

4. Place all small pieces of raw leg in a clean container.

5. Fill the container with water to stop at the same location on the cut leg.

6. Leave the feet in the water for four days. For example, if you spray it on Monday, check to see if Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the fourth days.

6. On the fourth day water looks like milk. Strain and remove the claws, and water becomes your ulcer medicine.


Drink a large glass of water with the palm of your hand every day, evening, and night. At this point, you will not feel this heartburn as it heals the wound inside causing the pain.

The exercise can take a long time depending on how extreme the ulcer is. This is no relief. This is the solution.

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