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Do you want to push more weight on the bench press? Follow these guidelines?

Everyone loves to be the strongest when it comes to bench press. It is the most dominant exercise to show superiority of strength in the gym. How much do you bench press? Pressing heavy like say 180kg and above can be a big ego booster for some. What is holding people back is the inability to do it properly. One has to know the right position, what muscle are the main movers and which ones need to be stabilized and activated. If you are yearning to improve your bench press, this is the right piece for you! Lets begin.

  1. Warm up; Most people go into the gym and move straight to fixing the bar and weight and start pressing. First of all, you risk all types of injuries because the press is an all body exercise with the chest as core. So you need to warm up nicely, get your heart beat slightly up and break a sweat or two. Do it mildly so as not to tire yourself out. You could jog a little, do chin ups, a few push ups and a few bent over windmills. These will waken up your body for optimal performance.
  2. Set the bar and weight; First set should be a relatively light weight of which you can comfortably press between 15-20 reps. After that, go straight to your heaviest weight. Common mistake most people make is to drain all their energy before they hit their heaviest weight.
  3. Lay on back with eyes directly under the bar. Not in-front and definitely not behind the bar. There should always be four contact points at this stage. Back, butt and head on the bench and feet firmly planted on the ground. Move feet a little backwards and then arch your back a bit. This will push out your chest for stability.
  4. Have your spotter help you take the bar off the rack.
  5. Hold your breath and lower the bar slowly in a straight line to the middle of the chest.
  6. Once you the bar reaches the bottom point to the chest or an inch above, push through your feet, drive through your hips and glutes and exhale out to push the bar up. This should do it and if done correctly, it will add a few reps to your bench press!
  7. Lastly, in order to increase your bench press power, always go for low reps high weight sets. 10 progressive overload sets of which you can perform 6 reps out of the lowest weight will quickly improve your overall power!

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