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How Does His Tailor Get His Measurements, Does He Stand On A Ladder? Netizens React To Picture

There is a young Ghanaian gentleman known as Charles Sogli and he is believed to be the tallest boy in the country. Looking at his height, one can tell that he is really up there. Standing beside him will only make you look like a kid beside their parent. He makes tall people look very smallish even though, they aren't.

Well, let me take you through a little science. This isn't a normal thing, it is a condition known as gigantism. Gigantism is caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland which can be found in the brain of humans. When this happens, there is an over secretion of a hormone known as the growth hormone. This hormone is responsible for growth.

Charles Sogli has obviously had an upregulation of his growth hormones, and therefore looks gigantic. Looking at him, you would be made to believe that giants really exist and appreciate science very well.

Netizens after seeing these pictures are shocked as to how a person can be that tall. Some are postulating that if he made Comedian Warris look that little, he will definitely make Yaw Dabo look like a baby.

For others, they are wondering his shoe size and how he gets such sizes on the market. Indeed, you can never be sad in Ghana. As we are all looking for food to eat, some people are thinking about the weirdest stuff.

Some claim in order to sew a dress, he has to buy 12 yards and for others, they are wondering how his tailor gets his measurement because, there is no way his tailor is going to be tall like him. He literally has to stand on a ladder or a scaffold before getting the correct measurement. Look at some comments I compiled;

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