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Bella I Can See You're Not Well Get Help; NPP's Kamal Deen Boldly Speaks Proverbially To WAEC

The examination cancellation by WAEC gingered the NPP Deputy National Communication Director to boldly speak his mind. This good Communicator personified WAEC to be Berla Mundi and spoke his feelings without fear or favor.

" Berla Mundi (WAEC) look here, I have eyes and can see you're not feeling well at all. You really need help to survive. This is the drug that can cure you. Take it every morning and night. " Kamal Deen preambled his submission on TV3.

" But Berla ( WAEC), after giving you the drugs and you pretend that all is well, your sickness will never go. It will only get worse. When that happens, you don't only suffer. Your family and friends get affected as well. This is because, the time they will spend by your bed side could have been used for a different thing" Kamal Deen continued his proverbial story.

" That's exactly how WAEC is behaving. WAEC needs to take advise and recommendations from Civil service Organisations, Ministry of Education and GES. Sadly, they appear to be autonomous doing their own thing. They always pretend everything is fine yet the problem keeps occuring.

This problem of Exam cancellation needs to be cured. Let me tell you Berla, anytime WAEC cancels examination it doesn't affect the children alone. it goes far to affect heads of schools, parents and caretakers. WAEC needs to be cured of the exam cancellation syndrome" Kamal Deen Boldly advised WAEC.

Check out the video in the link below

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