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Health Benefits Of Moringa Seeds:As A Natural Treatment For Fertility Improvement, Ulcer, Diabetes

Moringa seeds are removed from the pods of the moringa tree. Fresh and raw moringa seeds are tender, but the dried seeds are hard and look like small beans.

1. It Regulates Blood Sugar Levels/Treats Diabetic.

2. It’s a Great Source of Iron.

3. It Shrinks fibroids.

4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels and Lipid Profiles.

5. It Induces Death of Cancer Cells.

6. Promotes Heart Health.

7. It’s a Powerhouse full of Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory Properties.

8. Promotes good eyesight.

9. Protects Liver.

10. Heals Ulcer.

11. It improves fertility.

HOW TO INCORPORATE MORINGA INTO OUR MEALS: Dried Moringa Seeds can be fried in butter and have as a snack like popcorn. The fresh moringa seeds can be cooked and mixed with meals, e.g mix half a spoon into your watery foods like pap, oats or morning tea without sugar.

However, make sure you have a few seeds at a time in a day. A high dosage of moringa seeds can create an upset stomach. Moderation is key.

Moringa seeds doesn’t affect breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women. Because of it’s B+ content it’s an excellent option.

Just make sure to take in moderation.





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