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Ways To Stop Haliatosis (Bad Breath).

Bad breath is something everyone definitely hates. It irks a lot of people and they see it as a red flag. We’re all supposed to have a good breath in a perfect world. Well we all know that’s not possible . We all worry about bad breaths from time to time even if it’s a morning bad breath. Are you looking for ways not to make people’s mouth water because of your breath? If yes, read this article!

1. Brush and floss. Almost everyone brushes at least once daily. People hardly use a dental floss. Flossing might seem more complicated than brushing. It removes all the residue in between our teeth and gums. Good residue trapped in between our teeth decays and produces foul odor. This cause the bad breath. Ideally, we’re also supposed to brush at least twice daily.

2. Clean your tongue. Most people rarely clean their tongues when they brush. They’re a lot of advertisements encouraging us to brush at least twice daily. But what about brushing our tongues? Research has shown that the tongue is another area where odor causing bacteria normally hang out. It’s very easy to brush your tongue. Most toothbrushes have tongue cleaners at the other end of the bristles. You can also buy a tongue cleaner for this purpose.

3. Drink a lot of water. Aside the numerous benefits associated with drinking water, odor causing bacteria love a dry mouth. Saliva naturally has antibacterial properties. Water stimulates the production of saliva which kills odor causing bacteria.

4. Food. What we eat has a huge influence on our breath. We can all attest to the fact eating foods like garlic affect our breath. Also when meats get stuck in our teeth, they’ve the potential to decay and cause bad breath of they’re not removed. 

5. Rinsing Your Mouth. Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth every time we eat. Rinsing your mouth after meals helps remove any residue that will get stack in different places. Rinsing your mouth doesn’t get flush out food particles, it also helps maintain the pH of your mouth- helping keep bad breath away.

6. Smoking. You honestly don’t expect me to say anything positive about smoking. Do you? In addition to its serious health complications, it causes foul breath. Smoking isn’t just the inhalation of tobacco leaves. It also introduces a lot of chemical compounds that affect our breath. Smoking dries your mouth and that promotes bad breath.

Thank you for reading. Do like, share with loved ones and follow me as well. Hope you found this helpful. Stay safe and take care till next time. Bye!!!

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